MC-60 motor controller schematic on Eagle CAD

I searched pretty hard without much luck for schematics and/or tutorials for developing a controller for a motor this size (17A, 2.5hp). I then decided to look in particular for a schematic of the mc-60 motor controller on my old Proform treadmill that I bought used from Freya, (daughter, $100, she's wicked tough). With regard to the MC-60 motor controller schematic, I had a little better luck, stumbling across a .pdf of a schematic done in pen by a fellow named Tom Rollins that he had shared on a forum. In his comments, he observed that he might be missing a resistor or two, and I noticed that many of the devices in his schematic were not labeled with name or value.

Finding that was encouraging, though, so I decided to use his work as a basis to try to reverse engineer for myself the same mc-60 circuit. I thought this would help me learn how the circuit was engineered; that it would give me a project to learn how to use Eagle CAD by putting the schematic there; and channel me to download data sheets and learn a host of new devices, etc.. Doing this has done all that, and more.

So now I have a pretty good version of the schematic for Eagle CAD (.sch), and I exported the schematic to a .jpg file that I uploaded to Illustrator in order to make the traces and labels more clear. I've been studying op-amps and feedbacks, and now with these images and this work behind me, I think I'm ready to seek out some electronics experts to help me better understand several aspects of this circuit.

I've started a thread in the Motor Controller section under "Building your own iplod" of the iplod development forum where I'll record some what I continue to learn.

mc-60 motor controller schematic